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Ajax Concepts Ltd. has been a pioneer in incorporating audio and video to the web. We can find affordable solutions to whatever your online video and audio needs dictate. We have been involved at all levels of video production for the web — production, direction, filming, editing, and video encoding for online use.

Songs from our music catalogue have been highly sought after by content creators and music supervisors (TV production, advertising, media, corporate, web design, etc.) for for several years. Our music has appeared in television show soundtracks and in commercials for a wide range of broadcast and cable networks such as A&E, the Food Channel, TLC, the Discovery Channel, the History Channel, Nickelodean, VH1, MTV, and the CW. Recently one of our songs was used in a nationally run Walmart commercial.

Television Soundtrack Reel
Client: Various
Song composition, recording.

Client: Modern Language Association
Production, direction, and filming.
Working with the internal departments of the Modern Language Association we were involved in the editing of numerous video and audio clips. For the 2:40 minute video promoting the Association's subcription site mlahandbook.org we worked as producer and put together a team of video editors.

Client: Walmart
Soundtrack composition and recording.
Our song "In Love Again" was used for this Walmart store commercial which ran on network and cable television for 4 months beginning in September of 2009.

Client: DJE2 Records
Video direction, production, and editing.
Promotional video for the band Certain General's album Stolen Car.

Client: Reader's Digest
Production, direction, and voiceover.
For this editorial feature video we combined interviews with a mother and daughter along with stock footage from the World Trade Center attacks. This video appeared on rd.com as part of a larger feature focusing on the effects of the 9/11 attacks.
In addition to the WTC video, we produced and edited numerous other video clips in support of rd.com editorial features and Reader's Digest video products. For music and entertainment sites we provided hi quality streaming audio and video to help promote Reader's Digest products and live performances. One of the projects was an exclusive interview with Sir Paul McCartney!